Saturday, January 30, 2010

A trip to the gardens with my new lens

Yep, I went to the garden again on Saturday.

I can hardly contain myself since I got my new "Weapon of Choice" on Friday and wanted to photograph all the things I missed with my 18-200mm lens. The 18-200mm lens doesn't allow me to get very close to my subject, so I had to give up shots in the past of smaller flowers and insects but not anymore! :D

The blurring of the background in this lens is very nice and I love how the photo "liquifies" from sharpness to blurriness at various distances.

Unfortunately the dragonfly that was cooperating with me on Friday refused to the same yesterday :( I tried to persuade it several times and lingered around the lily pond for hours but it just wouldn't sit the end I only got a partial of the eyes - magnification of the lens allowed the structure of the eyes to appear were very clear but if only the direction was better I would be happier...oh well...perfection is hard to achieve, good thing I've got plenty of time to practice :)

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