Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wind, rain, and a southern highland garden

A garden called "Chinoiserie" filled with various types of peonies and other flowers. It was worth the visit even with the non-stop rain and wind. The garden wasn't big, but the graceful peonies and the overwhelming crab apple tree flooding with flowers took my breath away.

I've always liked to photograph flowers and leaves with droplets of water, but this is my first time taking photos in pouring rain (thanks to my dad who was holding an umbrella over me and my camera all the way). It was cold and my hands kept shaking, there wasn't enough light due to the overcast, but in the end I'm still happy with quite a few shots.

We only visited one out of all the southern highland open gardens this time due to the horrible weather, but I am determined to go back another time to take more photographs of these beautiful gardens.