Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to our usual route

Back to lotus, waterlilies and a crysanthemum ^_^

The weather has been really unpredictable lately, I kept needing to change the settings on my camera as I walk around the garden. I guess it is all part of practice though
We found a blooming lotus in the waterlily pond. It's great that for the first time ever we were able to get up close to the lotus and capture the texture of its petals...the only imperfection is that it's in such a small pond, it is impossible to blur out the background (a building wall) during composition...

Hope to capture something exotic next week~

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New flowers for the new year

We had a rainy Monday last week and as a result we were able to capture waterlilies and lotus leaves covered by raindrops, I am always amazed at the perfection of these sparkling creations.

Thanks to the extremely hot weather on Friday, we persuaded ourselves to visit the Tropical Gardens within the Royal Botanic Garden. There is a $5.50 pp fee but by the time we walked out, we both felt the gardens were definitely worth the cost.

The abundance of flora within the tropical gardens took us by surprise. We both agreed we should go there again to do a proper session...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

All about Echo

Echo is quite the little lady. She now has a preferred spot on the scratching post, her favourite snack (cat grass) is always readily available...and now she has developed a new way to drink water~ I was able to capture this little sequence of movements tonight just before my camera's battery died :P

Dragonfly with a difference :)

We found a dragonfly during our last session and it's completely yellow from head to tail! Unlike the red dragonflies we captured earlier, these yellow ones prefer dry land and don't actually dwell near ponds and lakes. I also saw a larger dragonfly which was black with yellow or white markings, but it flew away while I was chasing the yellow one...o well, perhaps we'll get lucky on our next visit~

The chrysanthemums are starting to bloom, I love how the petals look glazed at the centre and almost see through - looks quite delicious actually :)