Friday, January 29, 2010

A new lens!

Today is a very exciting day for me. I bought my first Macro Lens (Canon 60mm EF-S f/2.8 USM Macro)!!

I've been looking into this lens for the last 2 weeks, thinking about the day that I may get it (it costs $800 rrp here and even at sale price it's usually around $700 - which was quite a lot to spend for me)...I reluctantly tried the 2nd hand online site and found that someone was selling this lens for $400 inc. a 1.5x magnification filter! I was so excited and yet skeptical, would this lens be damaged in anyway to warrant such a price drop? After trying the lens out for 15minutes however I'm convinced that this was the lens for me.

Somehow the way the pictures loaded on blogger are always not in the order of how I loaded them - the first and forth photos were taken using the macro lens while the others were taken using my usual 18-200mm lens.

I can't believe that the fly in the first photo was as big as an ant! The size it turned up on the screen was very impressive (and that's without the magnification filter)!

I am very very pleased (and slightly guilty for spending money) with myself for getting this new lens as I am sure it will be used a lot more than my 18-200mm (gosh I'll need a new bag to keep them both!)

The only thing this lens lacks is the image stabliser that I've come to rely on for some photos as my hands are not sturdy (especially if I'm in a strange posture as I often find myself), but given that this is a much lighter lens, I am sure that the problem will not be too difficult to overcome (practice practice :)).

And the shot I've been wanting to get - a frontal view of the dragonfly. It's turned out very clear, but now that I have a new lens, I have higher aspirations...hrmm perhaps another photo trip tomorrow if it doesn't rain.... :P

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