Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some more from today

Is spring coming?

A burst of new flowers at the Royal Botanic Gardens seem to indicate that the footsteps of spring is close. The early blooms are few today but they looked so fresh and gorgeously decorated by raindrops.

I was worried that they may not turn out well since the day was cloudy but most of them turned out quite nice. Happy photo day overall~ ^o^

Friday, July 2, 2010

And some more flowers from the same day..

These are also my favourite shots from the last trip.

Nameless blue flower with lots of tiny hair, almost looks like a sea creature if not for the green background

An Iris showered by daylight, flares of petals remind me of swan wings

Another flower that I don't know the name of...layers of red, orange and pink leaves covering the delicate petals

Begonia, I always get drawn to these when the light hits them, the light gives them a shimmer and they look good enough to eat (not that I tried).

Winter sets in...

...but there is a flush of new flowers in the Royal Botanic Gardens, all competing for the camera. The day was nice and sunny with moderate wind, perfect for photo taking.

I took lots of camellia shots this time as they seem to be in season at the moment. We saw a lot of new plants in the flower beds so in a few weeks time we will get another treat of flowers on display.

I expect the peach blossoms to come out too in a week or so when the weather is right, hopefully we can get some more shots of those this year.