Monday, March 8, 2010

Sniff sniff, it's Echo!

I tried to take some cat photos last week. All of Shadow's were ruined as he couldn't keep still...I think he doesn't like being photographed much so it's his way of avoiding it...

Echo on the other hand was such a charm to photograph, she usually stays put in a posture for a few minutes allowing me to adjust settings etc.

I'm happy I was able to get a clear shot of her nose~ =^.^=

After a long pause

I've been ooa from the blog for a few weeks now. I haven't been able to take great photos the last few sessions, the photos ended up either too dark or too grainy. One thing I blame on was the weather, we had a few cloudy days here which didn't help with nature photos. It also took me some time getting use to the new 60mm lens which I'm still really glad that I got.

The session we did last week was quite good, I ended up with some shots that I'm happy about so I'm finally back again blogging ^_^

Hopefully the weather will hold this week at least during my photo sessions so I can continue to update the blog on a weekly basis...