Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sunny Thursday - a lesson in camera exposure

Yesterday I went to the garden in the morning as well as at lunch (the first 3 photos from lunchtime and the last 2 from the morning).

Morning is definitely better for photography during Summer, the dew drops (or water from the garden's sprinkler system) hangs on the leaves and flower petals, the morning breeze and long shadows are also lovely incomparison to the harsh sun during midday - I was scorched during lunch, it was wayyyy too hot :(

I discovered how to adjust exposure while photographing and was playing with this particular setting all day long. This extra step reduced the amount of overall photos I took but at the same time, I liked how I could adjust the amount of light in a photo just by increasing or reducing the exposure setting. As a result, I took a lot of photos where I would normally have to give up due to the light being too dim or bright.

I don't think I've mastered the technique after one day though, most photo still turned out either over or under exposed, but I'm excited to learn this new feature.

More experimenting is required of course but I'm hopeful that my photos will get better and better.

From next week onwards I am going to try to set my camera photos to one size larger - currently shooting in Small/Fine setting which yields photos of 2352x1568 pixels - cropped/reduced to 1600x1200 (suitable to be my PC's wallpaper). The new size will be 3456x2304 which will allow more detail and allow for more creative cropping.

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