Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lotus season!

The flower that I have been highly anticipating finally came into season this week! The lotus is the "other" flower born from the water and like the waterlilies before, it only flowers in Summer.

Since my morning photo session last Friday we decided to make this a regular thing, so on Friday morning, Marjon (whose blog is here) and I woke up extra early, hoping that the morning session will yield some nice photos, especially now that I am more familiar with my new 500D.

After walking through our usual route, we walked towards the lotus pond which we have been keeping an eye on for the last 2 weeks. The flower buds have started to appear so long ago and each time we've been there so far we've had nothing but more buds and leaves to photograph which were quite disappointing.

As we walked around a bend, I was aiming my camera towards an oleander bloom when I noticed Marjon picking up her pace and started to run towards the pond. I knew then that some lotus flowers must be blooming! I quickly finished my shot and started running as well.

The pond was filled with blooms and there were 2 coloured varieties. The flowers and leaves were raised at different heights by their stems and completely covered the pond. From a distance it almost looked like the lotus flowers were floating on a sea of green leaves. The sight was breath taking...

I'm quite happy with my photos this time. I love how the petals stack and the way the sun's light penetrates each petal, leaving faint shadows on the one below. I hope the flowering will continue for another few weeks so I can take more photos :)

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  1. Great photos Selene. The Lotus are beautiful. They seem so rare.