Thursday, December 3, 2009

A morning @ the RBG

We found the flower bud of the Torch Cactus yesterday in the succulent the look of it I was guessing that the flowering time would be today.

I woke up extra early this morning (which is more difficult than you think - I even got up b4 the cats!) and off I went...I missed my station on my way over due to drowsiness so had to take the train back...good thing I still had an hour or so left for photos before I had to work.

Just as I thought, the Torch Cactus was in full bloom!! it is so big and extravagant that you can't capture the whole flower properly on the macro setting that I love...I took around 20 photos of the bloom before I moved on. Cactus flowers die quickly after they bloom but I saw several new buds out today, it will take those a few days to form so hopefully we can take a few better photos next week.

The morning light was something quite different to the midday blaze, it's much softer and the angle of the light allow the formation of interesting shadows

Unfortunately the morning breeze today was stronger than normal and most of my shots turned out blurry. All in all though I was glad I went to the garden this morning and able to witness the bloom of the Torch Cactus.

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