Sunday, November 22, 2009

Heat on! Sydney

* Sydney was boiling on Friday last week... but that didn't stop us from taking more photos of the everchanging Botanic Gardens.

The waterlillies are starting to flower just as we expected, the lotus is on its way too~~ I can't wait to see the lotus pond this week, it'll be breathtaking!!

* What is it with sunlight and cameras? My photos turn out the best during cloudy days with little sunshine...on a hot and sunny day (like Friday)...most of my photos ended up being over exposed! >_< over 60 photos, now down to a handful~~ but then again I have become strict with my photo selection~

* After the heatwave over the weekend, I have decided to get a portable air conditioner...I think both the cats and myself will appreciate it when the next hot day comes~ Although I must say, seeing the cats glue their noses against the flyscreen for prolonged periods of time do give me the giggles :P

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