Thursday, November 26, 2009

A day of sun, heat and lots of excitement

Another sunny day on Thursday, but no where near as hot as Friday the week before and the sunlight wasn't as intense (thank goodness!)

I am beginning to feel the limitation of my Canon IXUS 70, especially when I wasn't able to fully zoom into the lotus bud I wanted to shoot...or the flower that was growing behind a shrub....or the dragonfly that was sitting on a leafstalk in the middle of a pond... le sigh

I still got lots of beautiful shots though, but I know they can be better. Every time we go to the botanic gardens, it's a test for my little compact camera - to see what it can really achieve...but perhaps it's time for me to consider an upgrade? (I will meditate on this for 2 months to help making a decision)

With this week's shots, I'm especially pleased with the ladybug and the sunflower.

I've been trying to take a proper ladybug shot for a few weeks but their light reflecting shell have always been problem for my camera, this time though, we had some shade and judging by the outcome, the focus of the camera was just on the "unsuspecting" subject of interest.

Sunflowers are quite amazing, I never knew that each little flower in the center pad were a little curl...ahh if i could only get closer~~ :)

I will also be putting a waterlilly special after this ^o^

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