Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Osakajo (Osaka Castle)

The exquisite Osaka Castle.

The detail of the gold floral designs on the edges of the roof are amazing.

A storehouse above the moat, not sure what its original use was, but unlike the imperial feel of the Osaka Castle, there is the structure and colour of this building generate a sense of peace and calm.

The fish tail detail of the roof ends.

A relatively "clean" shot of the Castle. Somehow the white/gold/black/moss colour combination just works.

The fence around the garden of Osaka Castle. They look like wood but are actually made with stone.

The ramp leading up to the main gate of Osaka Castle

Gate of Osaka Castle

The moat around the castle, part of it is dry and taken over by lush plants. I wonder what was used to layer the huge stones into place to make this moat back in ancient time.

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