Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Surprise guests

I've been hearing some birds bicker outside the balcony for a few weeks but never bothered to check as I didn't really want to encourage the curiosity of the cats...

On Saturday I was out watering the cat grass when I spotted Shadow crouched really low and looking intensely at something...I glance across and there they were, a pair of beautiful rainbow lorikeets feasting on the nameless fruiting plant right outside my balcony! They were vibrantly coloured and the fruits they were feasting on were bright red which complemented their blue/green feathers beautifully.

I rushed inside to get my camera and moved quietly to the edge of the balcony trying not to scare the birds while I took the photos (although they looked very comfortable even in the presence of 2 cats staring at them). Below are some of the shots I took while there were still enough light.

These creatures sure know how to pose~ Although I hope they wipe their beaks after eating a bit more often :D

Hopefully I'll get to see them again this weekend ^_^

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful guests! The only guests that I get outside my balcony are possums!