Thursday, September 10, 2009

World of Warcraft "addiction"

WoW addiction is becoming a big thing in China these days, especially since the death of an "addict" in one of the so called rehab centres.

Being a WoW gamer, I'm surprised that parents allow their kids to become so absorbed in a game that they later feel the need of so called "specialists" are necessary.

"game addiction", if there is such a thing, is still relatively new. I personally don't think there is a "xyz" addiction...there are people who have an addictive personality and people who don't have this kind of personality.

Most of the time i feel addiction can be channeled, but usually by the time a person has an addiction, rechanneling will be difficult/impossible until that person falls out of addiction.

Upon hearing the news about the poor boy who died at the centre, I felt anger and disbelief. My anger was mainly targeted towards the parents (who obviously don't care and just want to get a quick fix for their kid) and the officials of the centre (who obviously don't know what they're doing and yet are being paid for doing what they are not qualified to do)

It sounds harsh but the reality is, the boy died because of the parents rather than an addiction. It's the parents who lacked judgement and care, it's the parents who did not want responsibility over their own kid's problem, it's the parents who threw their kid into a situation which resulted in his death.

In my opinion, the death of their only child is probably their punishment for making such a stupid decision. Money is sometimes the worst thing to have when you have disfunctional family relationships. For parents to think that paying someone to take care of their own child's problem is going to work, it's no wonder their children don't bond with them.

Anyway, I'm feeling too righteous about this topic :) better let it go...

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